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Quick. Fast. Powerful. The revolutionary FX Cruiser® SVHO™ is shaking up the industry with its all-new Super Vortex High Output Yamaha Marine engine. This is the largest displacement engine of any production watercraft in the industry, with more power and torque than any WaveRunner personal watercraft in history. It’s matched with Yamaha’s exclusive NanoXcel® hull plus a host of upgraded performance components for an exciting, agile ride. Passenger-friendly amenities include Yamaha’s exclusive Cruiser® seat and an extended rear platform with extra stern storage. Make no sacrifices. The flagship FX Cruiser SVHO delivers an incomparable ownership experience.

  • ENGINE: Supercharged power matched with upgraded performance components delivers more power and torque than any WaveRunner Personal Watercraft in history.
  • TOW HOOK: Providing yet another opportunity to have fun on the water, the tow hook allows for easy, secure towing.
  • HYDRO-TURF MATS: Lightweight, slip-resistant Hydro-Turf® mats provide superior traction.
  • STERN STORAGE: Rounding out the impressive features on the passenger-friendly FX Cruiser SVHO is an extended rear platform with plenty of stern storage.
  • NANOXCEL: Incredibly strong, yet ultra lightweight, the innovative NanoXcel® hull delivers an impressive power-to-weight ratio, agile ride and industry-leading fuel efficiency.
  • COMMAND LINK: An industry first, offering quick, easy access to onboard instrumentation keys.
  • PULL UP CLEAT: Convenient pull up cleats help make tying up easier then offer a clean look and neat appearance when not in use.
  • CRUISE ASSIST/NO WAKE MODE: Cruise Assist reduces throttle tension and No Wake Mode allows effortless navigation through controlled areas.
  • ADJUSTABLE STEERING: This Yamaha-exclusive innovation can be tilted up or down to the best position for the driver for aggressive riding.
  • NEUTRAL/REVERSE: Reverse and a true neutral gear combine to offer precise control and ease of operation.
  • QSTS: The Quick Shift Trim System permits bow adjustments on the fly for a more personalized riding style and quicker planing on acceleration.
  • DASH: Provides a quick read on speed, RPM, fuel level with low fuel warning, low oil pressure warning, hour meter and check engine light with self-diagnostic function.
  • PUMP: A new top loader intake grate and a larger 160mm, 8-vane pump provide greater thrust and instantaneous water displacement to keep this machine hooked up and glued to the water in all conditions.
  • SEAT: The theater-style 3-person Cruiser Seat features all-new double top stitching designed to provide plush accommodations for all-day touring.
Dry Weight875 LBS
Engine TypeSupercharged 4-cylinder, 4-stroke, Super Vortex High Output Yamaha Marine Engine
Fuel Capacity18.5 GAL
Hull MaterialNanoXcel® Ultra-lightweight Hull and Deck
Pump160mm High-pressure
Vehicle Capacity1-3 person
Storage Capacity33.2 GAL
Warrenty1 Year Limited
ColourBlack Metallic; Yacht Blue Metallic
2014 Yamaha FX® SVHO Series WaveRunners
Pull the throttle and prepare yourself. Yamaha has achieved an extreme level of supercharged performance that's transforming an entire industry. Fueled by a radical new Super Vortex High Output engine, this potent powerplant flexes its muscles with more power, torque and displacement than any WaveRunner personal watercraft in history. The NanoXcel® hull and deck is 70 pounds lighter than traditional hulls for a ride that's extremely agile and exciting. Upgraded performance components keep this machine hooked up and glued to the water. The FX® SVHO™ Series delivers powerful, one-of-a-kind performance that will change the way you experience the water.
2014 Yamaha FX Cruiser SVHO Walk Through
Yamaha's all new 2014 FX Cruiser SVHO sets a new benchmark for performance and luxury on the water. Take a closer look at the all new SVHO engine and everything else that separates this new luxury performance flagship from anything else in the industry.