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Racetech XL Tubby

Hot off the press! Boy have we got a treat for you!

The original tubby was pure genius - A break through that revolutionized the sport.

A few years on and now with a few imitators taking our idea and cramping our style it was time we distanced ourselves.

We released the XXXL tubby Mid 2012 purely designed for the industry leading 2012 FX - The perfect combination. So many Innovative features as well as a practical master piece. It was unfair that we couldn't share it with the rest.

We put pencil to paper and came up with a design to blow all of your minds. All new features that are convenient and practical, Superior stabillity/storage and jaw dropping good looks -

The new XL tubby  is a state of the art hand crafted creation of countless hours of research and development to ensure every inch of tubby plays an important role.

Key new Features include:

  • Solid flat lid with built in cutting board and preparation area
  • Rubberised Tackle Tray with Convenient Cup holder - A great temporary spot for tools and lures 
  • Vertical rod holder - For Baiting up and Preparing
  • Out Rigger rod holder
  • Racetech QATS ( Quick access tackle storage) an innovative dry storage compartment for your organised tackle boxes and tools
  • New ghost hinges - For a more sleek and cleaner look
  • Quick drain for the Bottle and Cage platform - Hidden

For more information, pricing and availibilty drop us a mail